Working online

Most people are tired their jobs and from the daily routine, people say “I wish I can break the routine, work on tasks I love and achieve goals by my own not by my manager supervision”. Actually you can achieve what you want and also work on the time that suites you. There are a lot of Read more »

How to earn money from mobile apps

Many people are having great mobile app ideas but they don’t want to invest time in making apps cause they don’t know how they can make money from mobile apps. There is more than a way to make money from your app. First of all, there is the most common way which is to put a price Read more »

Windows hosting sites

Choosing a windows hosting site is a thing that you need to know before starting your project. Cause if you started the development of your website before knowing what the hosting supports, you may end up with removing features to stay on the same hosting or changing the hosting and have the hassle of the Read more »

Dynamic CMS vs static CMS

Most people have heard about CMS i.e. content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. Also, a lot of hosting providers are supporting applications for these platforms that helps you to quick install them on the server. These systems are dynamic systems, that means that each time you request a page, the data will be fetched Read more »