Working online

Most people are tired their jobs and from the daily routine, people say “I wish I can break the routine, work on tasks I love and achieve goals by my own not by my manager supervision”. Actually you can achieve what you want and also work on the time that suites you. There are a lot of platforms that support working online like , , , etc. Any work that can be done and send online will have some work to be done through these platforms.

How to start working online?

To work online, you will need to be able to communicate by english language without any problem, cause most of the clients use english to communicate and they don’t want to waste their times by explaining what they want several times. You will then need to enter the website and create a profile by your real data (if you tried to enter fake data, you will be banned from the site). The website will give you tips to complete your profile. After completing your profile, the tips will show you what you should make to have better chances in getting jobs. You should at first apply for small jobs with small rates cause you are still starting the job. After applying a lot you will get accepted on one small job, do your best to get a good rating at the job cause these platforms are all about reputation. After having a couple of small jobs try to apply for larger jobs at low hourly rates, then you can gradually increase your hourly rate.


Types of jobs

There are 2 common types of jobs that you will find in most of the jobs:

1- hourly based job : This means that you will be paid hour by hour, you will install a time tracking tool on your computer and will start the tracking tool as you start working and will stop it  as you finish, you will got paid according to the number of hours you have worked multiplied by your hourly rate. For example: if you worked 5 hours and your hourly rate is $10 per hour, so you will earn $50.

2- Fixed value job: This means that the job has a fixed price from the beginning, it’s usually broken down to smaller milestone, it starts with a down payment and each milestone you finish you will earn its value.



So, if working online is so easy, why haven’t all people switched to work online?

Although, you don’t have a manager anymore, you have to be very careful to be able to satisfy the clients and in the same time make sure that you aren’t doing free work. You should have great communication skills to be able to achieve what you want and have a successful project. Also, starting a new project isn’t that easy, you apply to a lot of jobs before you got selected cause there are a lot of freelancers in the same field which makes it harder and harder for freelancers with no history.


To sum this up, working online is great and profitable but you must be able to take responsibility for your own work, cause you are your only boss and no one will be there to help.