Windows hosting sites

Choosing a windows hosting site is a thing that you need to know before starting your project. Cause if you started the development of your website before knowing what the hosting supports, you may end up with removing features to stay on the same hosting or changing the hosting and have the hassle of the migration.


At first, I didn’t know which hosting to go with and when I searched, I found that Hostgator is reliable and having online support, so I decided to go with their shared hosting. It went quite well and everything was fine. However, one day I decided to upgrade my project from MVC4 to MVC5 and I did it on my local machine but when I deployed it to the server, I was having trust levels issue. I googled a lot and all the answers where to enable full trust level in your web.config . I tried a lot but no hope and then I realized that hostgator shared hosting supports only medium trust level not full trust level. So, I was forced to revert again to MVC4 instead of moving the hosting.


Later then, I then decided to try a new hosting, my search led me to Arvixe, I bought the shared hosting to try it, it was quite well and it was supporting full trust level and MVC5 apps. Everything was fine, however in all shared hosting the performance is not the best and you can’t have windows services as well. I decided to go with the VPS. It was more expensive than the shared hosting for sure, but it’s a machine that you can access and able to install or uninstall your own components. The VPS is great in arvixe however the support aren’t so great, specially when it comes to the SSL certificates. They weren’t so aware what they should do and weren’t so responsive.

Anyway, Arvixe weren’t bad and I may continue working with them, they recently are supporting sql server 2014 as well while Hostgator is still working with sql server 2008.


I have heard lately about and I looked on their features list and it seems promising, I think I may give them a try and let you know my experience with them.